Replaces inaccessable ratpoison widgets with accessible gtk counterparts.
3da899e1 — Storm Dragon 2 months ago
Added media key bindings and fixed a problem with media volume.
61d0cee3 — Storm Dragon 2 months ago
Fixed a bug in music controls.
78e15e31 — Storm Dragon 3 months ago
Strychnine now uses playerctl to control music players.


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Accessible widget replacements for ratpoison. Includes run dialog and keyboard shortcuts help.

Released under the terms of the WTFPL license: http://wtfpl.net.

To set up your ~/.ratpoisonrc run ./setup.sh Follow the prompts and the file will be created for you. Use the -x or --xinitrc option to have it create your .xinitrc file. If you would like notificationsNotifications can be presented in a couple different ways. If strychnine detects libnotify (via the notify-send command) then it will use it to notify you of things. For this to work you need libnotify and notification-daemon installed. If you have those and aren't getting notifications, try removing any packages that may interfere with it, such as mate-notification-daemon.


Strychnine tries to find applications during set up so it can creat bindings. You should have

  • a web browser
  • a text editor
  • playerctl
  • optionally, a file manager