523e7d4e — Storm Dragon 10 months ago
Call gpg2 specifically instead of just gpg. Some systems have both gpg1 and gpg2, and we need gpg2.
267fbbbc — Storm Dragon 10 months ago
Try to make the copy of gpg.rc work on more distros.
c572fbcb — Storm Dragon 10 months ago
Update the automatic address script.


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Fleacollar is a complete configuration utility for Mutt. It is written in bash and requires at least bash version 4.2 or greater. It uses dialog to present the user interface.


The script creates or completes if need be a configuration for mutt in ~/.mutt, writing in it these files and directories if they do not exist:

_ aliases _ mailcap _ gpg.rc _ macros _ muttrc

During setup you will be asked to select your preferences from installed applications:

_ the browser to use for viewing html email, _ the editor to use for text composition, _ the associated MIME settings case occurring, _ a gpg key, generated if need be or selected by the user, _ email addresses and the associated configurations for gmail, hotmail or generic, including the imap and/or smtp settings, _ contacts to include in the address book,

The main dialog box presents following choices:

_ Add Email Address _ Configure GPG _ New Contact _ Exit

The user can use the OK and Cancel buttons of the dialog boxes and also exit at any time pressing Ctrl+c


When the script is started, it checks the presence of the needed dependencies: dialog, gettext, gpg and mutt.


Storm Dragon: https://social.stormdragon.tk/storm Michael Taboada: https://2mb.social/mwtab Contributor: Kyle: https://kyle.tk


Support is available on irc.linux-a11y.org #a11y or file an issue on GitLab