A silly fishing game I came up with while learning pyglet.
d64044b7 — Storm Dragon 1 year, 8 months ago
Fixed a typo in the exit call.
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Added help option to the menu. Updated my wine build script.
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Updated .gitignore.


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#It's Fishin Time!

I wanted to learn about the pyglet library. It seems to have everything needed for making some awesome audio games. I figured what better way to learn than to do, so I wrote this small game while learning.

It's nothing very complex, just a quite simple fishing game. Use spacebar to both cast and reel in your line. Have fun, you never know what may be lurking just below the surface.

In addition to being spoken, the text is printed to the screen. It's a decently large font, so those of you with some vision should be able to read as well as hear the messages.


To run this game you will need OpenAL. On Windows, directsound should work. In addition you will need opus-tools. The game also uses a submodule called libstormgames. So, to clone the game with everything it needs, run the following:

git clone --recurse-submodules https://git.2mb.codes/~stormdragon2976/fishin_time

If you have already cloned the game, before the change to using a submodule, in the fishin_time directory, after you have pulled the latest changes, type this to get the libstormgames submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update


  • Escape: Close the game.
  • Up arrow: In menu, previous item.
  • Down arrow: In menu, next item.
  • Enter: In menu, select current item.
  • F1: Help, loads this page in your web browser.
  • Insert: Volume up
  • Delete: Volume down
  • Pageup: Move backward through the last 10 items in speech history.
  • Pagedown: Move forward through the last 10 items in speech history.
  • i: Information on caught fish as well as those that escaped.
  • Space: Cast your fishing line. If you have already cast, it will reel in the line instead.


If you want to contribute, please use git send-email to send a patch.