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@@ 48,7 48,7 @@ Features
- All content is static. Create content on the server, or locally and sync to the server easily with the sync plugin.
- Allows drafts, includes a simple but clean stylesheet, generates the RSS file automatically.
- Support for tags/categories
- Support for Markdown, Feedburner, Google Analytics.
- Support for Markdown, Google Analytics.
- Optional powerful plugin system.
  Drop your plugins into a directory called plugins, or for system wide, /usr/share/bashtml/plugins.

@@ 79,7 79,7 @@ Detailed features
- Save posts as drafts and resume editing later
- HTML page for each post, using its title as the URL
- Configurable number of posts on the front page
- Automatic generation of an RSS file, feedburner support
- Automatic generation of an RSS file. 
- Additional page containing an index of all posts
- Automatically generates pages for each tag
- Rebuild all files while keeping the original data