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Started work on the README file. Updated the script to version 0.900. After a bit more testing and bug fixes, I think we will be ready for 1.0
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M bashtml.sh
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# bashtml

A bash script to create static html blog. Inspired by [bashblog](https://github.com/cfenollosa/bashblog).

As progress continues, I plan on updating it's [home page, basht.ml](https://basht.ml). So, if you are interested in seeing how it is progressing, be sure to drop by for a live action example.

## Getting Started

Create the directory where you want your site:

    mkdir mysite
    cd mysite

Run bashtml with no arguments to generate the configuration file, called .bashtmlrc. After the file has been created, edit it and change the information to personalize your site.A

## Options

The following options are available.

- -h, --help: A brief help message.
- -n, -p, --post: Create a new post.
- -s, --sync: Sync your local copy of the site to the server, requires the rsync section of the configuration file be set.

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@@ 12,7 12,7 @@ ifs="$IFS"
mdFile="$(mktemp -t markdown.XXXXXXXXXXXX)"
# We are in pre-alpha, so version will be 0.00#
cleanup() {
  # This runs any time the script closes.