Basic version of the "escape the celler" game from Haunted House, by 2MB Games
Input system change, now using baton, should support game controllers as well now


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#Love escape the celler

A basic version of Haunted House's game, escape the celler, written with love2d.


  • Clone or download this project
  • From the directory where you cloned this repository to, I.E. the one above this repository, run:

love love-escape-the-celler


When you start the game, you should hear the ambiance start up. One obstacle at a time will be placed a somewhat random distance in front of you. Currently the two obstacles available are pits, and a skeleton that will break out of the wall. Pits must be jumped over, but the pits are more than just one tile long, and your jump range is rather small, so you have to make sure to jump at the right time lest you land in the pit and be devoured. When you are 2 and then one step away from the pit, you will hear a different footstep sound. Skeletons make no sound until you get relatively close to them, at which time you will hear them break out of the wall on the left or right side. You must press the opposite arrow key from which they broke out. You may only attempt to dodge when a skeleton is currently in the process of breaking out of the wall -- dodging when no skeleton is doing anything will be ignored. There is currently no indication that you have dodged, except for the fact that if you did it successfully, you will continue moving, and if you failed, after the skeleton is done breaking out, you will hear them grab you. If you fail at avoiding any obstacle there will be a sound indicating so, and the game will close.


  • up arrow, w, left axis up (game controller), or dpad up (game controller): jump
  • left arrow, a, left axis left (game controller), or dpad left (game controller): dodge left
  • right arrow, d, left axis right (game controller), or dpad right (game controller): dodge right
  • escape or back button (game controller): quit

#To do

  • Hook all the other sounds and actions, including playing a dodge sound when you actually dodge, and being able to punch the skeleton right before they break out of the wall.
  • Stop sounds immediately upon failing a dodge and play the skeleton grab sound, to more closely match base escape the celler.
  • Add game over menu with a number of pits jumped, skeletons dodged, and eventually punched. Maybe some sort of score?
  • Add main menu with learn game sounds, speaker test, etc.
  • Add a high scores and such list for your local player.
  • Add ability to copy scores to the clipboard, similar to base escape the celler game.
  • More? :-)

#Have fun!

I would like to develop this game into a more full featured game, perhaps even surpassing base escape the celler in features. We also have plans to develop some extra libraries on top of love2d for use in audiogame development -- this game could act as a test bed for those. This is mainly a proof of concept just to get familiar with the internals of love2d at the moment but I hope it will develop into a game in its own right soon. Stay tuned for more!