Salem, Or, US


I am a blind free software and gaming enthusiast from Salem, Oregon. I make games for the blind and sighted alike through 2mb games. Thanks for checking out my projects!


Tintin++ interface to the free internet chess server and other compatible servers.


General hub/readme for the 2MBGames Project


Sourcecode of Anarchy MUD, originally based off of Crimson2d


Basic version of the "escape the celler" game from Haunted House, by 2MB Games


Gnop: a reverse pong game played with only your ears!


The deadly splatformer, made for trijam 222 by 2MB Games


Run and Chomp, a small audiogame submitted to Trijam #186: https://2mb.itch.io/run-and-chomp-trijam


2MB Solutions horseshoes audiogame


2MB Solutions game kit: audiogame creation utilities in c++


2mb game engine with lua


Main game and launcher for 2MB set of halloween games.


Halloween scramble, a game for haunted house.

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